Dress To Impress

Dress To Impress


To help you navigate the minefield of your wedding we spoke to two wedding dress suppliers to find out the nitty gritty on choosing your wedding dress:

Alera from White Lily Couture in Brisbane &
Alison from Jonovia Bride & Design in Palm Cove
Images by When Elephant Met Zebra, supplied by White Lily Couture.

What is the most important consideration is when choosing a wedding dress?

Alera – The moment when you decide to purchase your gown isn’t one you necessarily make with your head. It’s your heart that will tell you. When your fiancé proposed, the chances are you said yes because your heart knew the answer. Allow yourself the opportunity to do this when it comes to your gown and you’ll never second-guess your decision.

Alison – I feel the most important consideration when choosing your dream gown is how you imagine your whole wedding to be. For example, will it be in a vintage style, or romantic, elegant or contemporary modern theme? Once you have this vision then you can choose a gown that works with this and is flattering to your shape. Everything else will fall into place once you have made those first.

In this era of online shopping we asked why buy from the high street?

Alera – At White Lily Couture we believe that shopping for your wedding gown should be an experience not just a transaction. The moment of finding ‘the one’ with the support of those who love you in a setting that is private and personal is something that you just can’t find online. This is why we believe the in store
experience in this industry will never go out of style. My top tips are:

1. Try various styles, be open minded to trying gowns that you may not love in the picture. Our Style Consultants are trained to know what styles to suggest based on your body type and tastes. You would be surprised how many brides say yes to a dress that was nothing like they originally described!

2. Have a budget in mind. Because our gowns range in price from $1300 – $6000 a price point will help us to ensure that the gowns we show you will not be out of reach.

3. Bring a few of your nearest and dearest. Choose two or three of those whom opinion matters greatly to your appointment. You risk feeling pressured and confused when bringing a large group.

4. Our gowns take between 4–6 months to order in for you depending on the designer. Shopping 6–12 months out from the wedding is an ideal time to make a decision and will ensure that you see the latest collections offering the newest styles.

Alison – To buy online or at your bridal store is a popular question and topic of much discussion. Purchasing your gown from a reputable bridal store can and in most cases, will, save you a lot of money and disappointment. We are hearing so many sad stories about online purchases arriving in the wrong size, wrong colour and many look nothing like the one they thought they were buying. Often expensive alterations are required, or in some cases another gown has had to be purchased. Many websites claim they stock certain designers and their websites look professional but 9 times out of 10 they are copies. Just like when you see a fake Louis Vuitton bag at the market. When dealing with a credible bridal store they will guide you through the whole process. They will help with your alterations, suggest accessories and even give you information on other credible suppliers. This is definitely not the time to try and cut corners. Shop with people who give you confidence from your initial appointment.

Are there any pit falls to watch out for?

Alera – We do not offer a made to measure service, which means that when you order your gown it will be made to the designers sizing. We take your measurements to ensure the size ordered

is a close to your body size however most brides will require some standard alterations to ensure a perfect fit. We work closely with a seamstress who offers this service or many of our out of town customers have this work done at home. We recommend budgeting between $200-$500 for this service depending on your individual requirements.

We work strictly by appointment providing every one of our brides their own private bridal lounge to relax and try their favourite gowns. They will also be taken care of by their own Style Consultant who will not only dress them but make professional recommendation and provide tailored styling advice. Our culture as a company relies on our dedication to providing the ultimate shopping experience and the service that our customers deserve. We also offer a 10% discount when ordering on your first appointment as a thank you for trusting us with this important decision.

Alison – I think one of the biggest pit falls to be aware of is to avoid trying gowns over your budget unless you are prepared to extend it. Have your budget in mind and discuss this with your bridal consultant. It can be difficult to fall in love with a gown and then discover it is out of your price range. Choose carefully who accompanies your to your appointment. It is wise to leave an over bearing bridesmaid or opinionated future mother in law out of your initial appointments. Narrow down the field first. Develop a short list and ask them to help you choose “the one” or involve them later during the fittings or to help select accessories.

It’s your heart that will tell you. When your fiancé proposed, the chances are you said yes because your heart knew the answer.

Why should clients from cairns consider a trip to Brisbane to get their dress?

Alera – For those looking for a broad selection of styles White Lily Couture is definitely worth the flight to Brisbane! Our hand picked collection offers an amazing array of gowns at all price points from all around the world. If we know you are travelling and you schedule an appointment on a weekday we can offer you an extended consultation allowing you the best opportunity to find your dream gown.

What makes Jonovia different?

Alkison – At Jonovia Bride & Design we don’t just sell bridal gowns, we create an experience for all our brides. Over the last 5 years we have built Jonovia from a small business into a brand which is now available in Australia and New Zealand. Our flagship store in Palm Cove has been designed to create a relaxing environment, catering for privacy and comfort. We strive to offer exceptional service and are able to provide brides with options that many other stores can not offer. As a designer manufacturer we have the ability to give our brides greater flexibility that enables them to change certain design elements of the gowns. They are able to select everything from the laces and fabrics, to the length of the train or the style of the neckline or straps they may like to incorporate. We also offer a complete custom design service where we work with the bride to create a gown from the ground up. We are proud to offer all of this and still remain very competitive within the market.


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