Fabulous Flowers

Fabulous Flowers


To help you navigate the minefield of your wedding we spoke to two local florists to find out the low-down on choosing your wedding flowers:

Kerry from I do Flowers, and Lori From Rainflowers Florist
Photography by Focus Imagery

We asked for some important considerations when choosing your florist?

Kerry – What experience do they have, are they local, do they have a shop front. Are they contactable and do they get back to you within a short time frame. Do they listen to what you want and give you the service that you require.

Lori – Firstly, are they available for your date? You need to know if they can handle the size of your wedding. If they are able to arrange for delivery and set up all flower arrangements, or can you pick the flowers up? Can your florist work within your budget? Can your florist show you previous work? Are they familiar with the location of your wedding, and can they can coordinate with the venue on delivery times etc.

What styles of bouquets are there?

Kerry – Traditional cascade style, posy styles are still a favorite, but now we have rustic theme, Bow ho, tropical and beach themes, so there really is something for everyone.

Lori – Hand-tied bouquet/Biedermeier – A hand tied bouquet, also known as a posy, is one of the simplest styles of bridal bouquet. Glamelia wedding bouquet – an exquisite florist design resembling a giant flower created by single rose Petals. Cascade/ Waterfall bouquet – A trailing flower bouquet with greenery or ribbons, they’re bursting with personality and whimsy and look, compact or loose looking. Teardrop bouquet – A compact version of a cascade bouquet, flowers head on head very exquisite style.

What advice did they offer a bride deciding what flowers to pick?

Kerry – We go out of our way to find you the flowers of your choice, but always have a second choice as weather and the seasons can play a big part on what will be available. There are so many blooms and variety in so many shades and colours, so we will look at the colour of your dresses and the theme of your wedding and give you the best advice to what will suit.

Lori – Try to choose your wedding dress before your flowers, then you can consider the shape and size of your bouquet. Check what flowers are in season on your wedding day. Your budget will help make decisions on flower. Choose an easy

Flowers are love’s truest language.

Stepping back slightly, we asked – “Real or artificial?”

Kerry – You can’t beat fresh flowers for a wedding, but if you are traveling or would love to keep your bouquet, the artificial flowers are so realistic now you really can’t tell the difference.

Lori – While artificial flowers are meant for long lasting bouquets, they generally are more expensive then fresh flowers, and can be of poor quality if the florist is not using real touch flowers, therefore they can be very tacky and look cheap.

Could you please offer some tips on caring for their flowers?

Kerry – Once your flowers arrive, we suggest you unpack the box and place the bouquets on the bed on a towel in the airconditioning. All buttonholes and corsages should be placed in refrigeration. Don’t ever leave them in a hot room or car. We always give the best advise in person the day before your wedding for all the flowers you have chosen.

Lori – For hand held flowers, unpack your bouquets, including your throw away bouquet. If hand held, place your bouquet carefully into container/ vase. Fill with water up to the bind, being careful not to get the bind wet. Store them in a cool environment, NOT a fridge, air-con is the ideal. With a spray bottle of cool water, spray on to flowers. Remember to dry the stems off with a clean towel before the ceremony. Buttonholes and corsages keep in a cool area, can be sprayed with water. For bridie holders – You can leave your bouquet in the box provided. Store them in a cool environment, NOT a fridge, air-con is the ideal. Please have a cool water spray bottle, spray the flowers in your bouquet.

Are there any ‘pitfalls’ our brides should watch out for?

Kerry – If ordering artificial flowers on line, you will probable be very disappointed. Visit your local florists and look out for the best service, not just the lower price. Ask to see their past history and photos of their work. What makes a good florist? Experience and a great personality, one who will go above and beyond to make sure your every detail will be looked after. Some one who will take the time with you to make sure your flowers and styling will be perfect on the day.

Lori – Ensure your florist is in the wedding industry and have had ample years’ experience in creating bouquets, some florist are everyday florist only, not wedding experts.

We asked Lori and Kerry what makes them stand out?

Kerry – Having many decades of knowledge, experience and the passion for weddings, flowers and styling. Having a beautiful show room with all wedding services available to the bride. Taking the time to listen to what you want and give the best possible advise to make Your day as special as it can be. Having access from local growers and able to import flowers from around the world.

Lori – Long term experience, professional in executive customer service, Passion about flowers, modern, creative, can do attitude.

Any last advice you would like to offer brides?

Kerry – When planning your wedding, call the wedding supplier direct to get the best information and make a day and time to discuss your options and quotes. Facebook, messenger, emails for quotes are a great way of contact but most times you will not get the service you need. It’s always best to talk directly to the florist, as there so many small details that need to be covered. We aim to give you the very best service and we can only do that if we know what you require.

Lori –Trust your chosen florist.


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